These beautiful handmade items will bring a touch of olde worlde class to an otherwise 'ordinary' desk. One of these amazing works of art would make an artistic accessory to any writers work space. All handmade inkwells are 'one of a kind'.

More pictures and sizes can be supplied upon request

3 Wise Owls Letter Rack made from recycled waxed pine with resin owl figures £35.00 plus p&p Rosewood Inkstand/Stationary Rack with Dip Pen made from recyled oak, repurposed condiment pot silverplate inwells and ponce pot £50.00 plus p&p Victorian Style Inkstand/Stationary Box with Dip Pen made from recycled oak and mahogany with repurposed condiment pot inkwells and ponce pot. £50.00 plus p&p
Ebonised Elephant Inkstand/Letter Rack with Dip Pen made from recycled oak, antique/vintage real ebony wood ink pot with bakelite liner, bovine carved elephant. £40.00 plus p&p Small Oak Inkstand with Dip Pen, made from recycled wood, inkwells hand cast from lead, pen has brass nib and ferule. £25.00 plus p&p Unusual Lever Action Inkstand with Copper Dip Pen made from recycled oak, repurposed antique inkpot with a few chips around top comemserate with age, oak lid and mechanics. £35.00 plus p&p
Ebonised Oak Diamond Shape Inkstand made from recycled wood, copper decorations, repurposed condiment pot inkwell £29.99 plus p&p "When the Pen Becomes the Sword" Oak Inkstand with Drawer made from recycled oak, vintage brass handle to drawer, repurposed oriental ceramic and brass condiment pot inkwells. £85.00 plus p&p As previous picture.

Large Oak Dresser Style Inkstand with Drawers made from recycled wood engraved with a wolf head, vintage handles, antique vintage glass inkwell which may have some chips commensurate with age, crystal glass dip pen holder with brass dip pen and fittings. £70.00 collection only from Sheffield as bulky and heavy

Crystal Glass Double Inkstand Set in Oak Base made from recycled wood, vintage crystal glass inkwells have some large chips commensurate with use and age but is still a beautiful usable piece. Condition refelected in price £30.00 plus p&p Antique Sympathetically Renovated Inkstand with Drawer (AA), modern glass inwells, nice item £28.00 plus p&p
Antique Sympathetically Renovated Inkstand/Stationary Box with Dip Pen (AB) original brass decorations, original inwells(no lids) antique brass ponce pot(not original) Beautiful piece £70.00 plus p&p Antique Sympathetically Renovated Patent Pending Inkstand with Dip Pen (BB) Very Unusual Design. Original metal handle and drewer pull, original inkwells and inkwell holders, new wooden lids. Lovely item £125.00 plus p&p 2 Scroll Oak Inkstand with Dip Pen made from recycled wood, antique glass inkwell with some chips commensurate with age and use. £28.00 plus p&p
Multi Scroll Oak Inkstand with Dip Pen made from recycled wood, antique glass inkwell with some chips commensurate with age and use. £28.00 plus p&p Teak Inkstand with Dip Pen made from recycled wood, inset vintage glass inwell. £18.00 plus p&p Ebonised Oak Egyptian Style Inkstand with Dip Pen made from recycled wood with Egyptian carving of Horus and Anubis, ROC crystal glass pyramid inkwell, pewter pen. Very Special gift for that special person in your life. £65.00 plus p&p
Art Deco Sympathetically Renovated Glass Inkstand with Roll Top Inkwells and Dip Pen. Black glass base, inkwells with liners, bovine/wood/metal pen. £130.00 plus p&p and insurance but collection from Sheffield preferred Vintage Writing Slope Homemade in the 1940s/50s From Rough Timber Sympathetically Renovated, new leather insert on slope, new red felt lining, replacement vintage brass handle to each side. £25.00 collection only from Sheffield as very bulky and heavy 1930s/40s triple glass inkstand (no chips or cracks) set into handmade wooden base made from recyled timber table legs, beautifully shaped into a work of art. Ink pot tops are made from wood. Includes a toning wooden dip pen. This is one of a kind £45.00 plus p&p although we would prefer collection from Sheffield
Oak 'Desk in a box' Writing Slope and Stationary Storage combined all folds down into a large box. Made from recycled wood, antique/vintage glass inkwell with new wooden top, dip pen, two small drawers with vintge brass handles, storage section for paper or documents, compartments for small stationary items. Lid of box folds forward to form a writing slope (pic 1). Amazing item for the avid writer. £175.00 collection only from Sheffield as very bulky and heavy.

Penny Topped Inkstand. Handcrafted oak base with two antique/vintage glass ink bottles with manufacturers details. Slight crack in one bottle but no leaks, Handmade copper lids with inset Victorian pennies. Handmade wooden shaft dip pen. One of a kind. £28.00 plus p&p.

Garoyle and Gravestone Inkwell. Handcrafted Oak base, wooden gravestone painted black with inscription "The written word is not dead", resin gargoyle and black resin base, vintage glass inkwell with modern black wooden stopper, black wooden dip pen. One of a kind. £35.00 plus p&p.

Art deco brass inkwell with a standing Dutch boy figure and brass lidded glass ink bottle. Measures 3in x 8in. Set into a handmade shaped oak plinth made from recycled wood teamed with a modern brass and wood dip pen. £45.00 plus p&p.




Vintage/antique heavy brass inkstand. Lid on inkwell has had its hinge repaired. One of the ceranmic liners has a crack. Brass has been polished. Lovely item £45.00 plus p&p but would prefer collection in person due to weight. Revamped resin Buddha inkstand with pheasant quill pen. Rosewood inkwell £15.00 plus p&p. Vintage handmade Cobra inkstand. Made from copper and brass. Lidded inkpots. Very unusual item. A real must have for the collector. Set on a copper covered base by Mick @ Spooktacula Exclusive Designs £95.00 plus p&p

Handmade copper covered wooden inkstand with vintage glass inkwell set into a copper surround, topped with a George 5th penny lid. Decorated with embellishments and complete with handmade wooden dip pen. A truly unique piece by Mick @ Spooktacula Exclusive Designs. £80.00 plus p&p

Ebonised wood miniature inkwell with 1959 half penny lid. Unique item £6.50 plus p&p Antique brass inkstand with original glass lidded inkwells and brush nib wipe. The bristles are worn down on the nip wipe but the stand is in very good used condition. Comes with hand made dip pen. Polished to a deep shine. Very rare and unusual item £120.00 plus p&p
Brass and copper miniature dip pen holder topped with a vintage half penny coin, adorned with a George V penny and standing on another half penny. Comes with brass dip pen. A unique handmade piece £15.00 plus p&p   Unique handmade pen holder with a cap or helmet base made from a vintage copper coin and standing on a 1929 copper coin. £10.00 plus p&p.
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